Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bokor 29

Built up one of our new aluminum 29'ers last Saturday with our new steelZombie 500 fork. Fits the fatty Surly Larry tire nicely mounted to a Alex DM24 rim. (Doubt it will fit using a Surly, Vicious, or Speedway Uma rim though...).

It is a super fun ride! Too bad all of the snow melted!

From Bokor 29

Friday, December 03, 2010

Zombie 500 fork available now!

500mm axle to crown
45mm offset
good ol' steel!

Shown with Surly Larry tire mounted to Alex DM24 rim. Fits "like a glove!"

Monday, November 01, 2010

Nakisi super monster cross

Ready for all terrain and fun as hell! The new fork is 430mm long so I decided to try the Surly Pugsly fork I had on my Phogsley touring 'fat bike'. The SUrly fork is 447mm axle to crown so it definitely slackened the head angle below 71 degrees. But honestly, it rides great! With a bit more offset it would be even better I think. May have to customize the fork....

Anyway, thought you all would like a peek at my all time favorite 'Frankenbike'! ~jb

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Message from James


Proud and happy owner of a Soukri here... Would love it if you posted my bike in your Blog! Thanks for allowing me to enjoy riding again. Big smiles every time I throw a leg over my Soukri!

Jim White
Mesa, AZ

The Canzo cares about tata's!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Interbike 2010

Thanks everyone for stopping by our booth at Interbike this year. VooDoo is coming back strong with the support of you and our distributors! Special thanks to our US distributor BTI for making this booth look fantastic!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Captain Balljack's House

Just got this image from Capt. Balljack himself....

My shred shed. Sick! ~ CBJ

Friday, August 27, 2010


First ever production Nakisi Monstercross going to Eurobike.

Monday, August 23, 2010

That was one long XC race!!!

So this past weekend, I competed in the 9th annual St. Marry's Food bank race, in the Ft. Valley loops of Flagstaff. I got to the Venue around 8am to get ready for my 9 O'Clock start, and I was surprised to see a bigger turn out then i remember in the previous years. I am quickly on the bike warming up around 8:30, and boy was it hot out!! I saw my competitors riding to the line, and they were definitely intimidating for my 16 year old self! I got to the line and there were about 30 Expert/Pros,(they combined Expert and Pro category), We were also going off with all the singlespeed class adding about another 16 guys making our total start line of about 45+ people!

So they gave us the start call and we were off. I knew I had to pace myself for the 32.9 mile race so i decided to just try and get a good start position, where I could just sit in and try and flow with the pack.. I got off the road and onto the singletrack in about 9th position. I quickly learned that the hard tail might have been a bad choice, but i was still crushing it through all the rough sections. I got to pipline and knew I had to make up some time on Lower Moto. I came through the lap zone with a 50:02 minute lap, again through with the second lap at 53:01 minutes, and i was in about 10th position at this time. The second lap was a bit more difficult, our class was faced with the obsticle to pass the sport and beginner riders. Then came lap #3 and my bike decided that It wanted to make me run! Right as I got onto the singletrack i needed my gears but something was stopping me from actually getting into an easier gear, forcing me to run through all the tough sections, which made up about.. well.. all of the climb to pipeline. Once I got to pipeline I cranked in a couple hard pedal strokes and my bike started to shift! It was shifting just not well! I flew down Moto and my legs were just about to fall off, "good thing its downhill" I said. I finished at a time of 2:43:38 and still managed 14 or something?? Overall! I was happy with the race, especially after experiencing the run of a lifetime! That was one long XC race!

Next stop is Tucson for a painful yet I think fun... TT!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Taylor House Century Ride

So this past Saturday i rode in the 10th annual Taylor House Century ride, doing the 90+ mile distance.. on my wonderful Bondye! All I have to say is wow! This ride was thrown off because of flooding in the traditional route of going through Wupatki national park. The fire left enough damage to cause a terrible flood, not only in peoples houses but in main roads. Therefore we were left with riding to Leupp, the views were still amazing! We started off with about 300 people and each climb was dividing the group more and more.. at about mile 35 we had ourselves the main peleton.. at this point they started attacking and i managed to stay at the front the entire time! We quickly filled our waters and before much of us were ready they were off. I sprinted to catch the group and slowly fadded with a lack of nutrition on my part. Overall i finished the entire ride in about 3hours and 58 minutes. I would say a success for bonking on mile 50! Hope everyone is riding and enjoying their summer days.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well...the forest is closed and so are the trails. A fire broke out in the Schultz pass area burning over 11,000 acres of wilderness. To take precautions they have shut the forest down until July 21st. To avoid possibly getting a 2,000 dollar fine we decided to drive down to Sedona. Sedona doesn't have a fire but it sure is hot! After suffering a flat tire on the way down there we managed to still get in a good ride with some great shredding. You never get bored with the trails down there, its either slick rock, tacky goodness, or the little loose rocks that let you rip corners! The Sobo like allways handled everything like a champ. When your out of the saddle the stiffness just lets you charge climbs and when it comes to decending the carbon seat stays flex so it makes for a smoothe ride. Anyways the riding is great and am still stoked to be training for next season.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fwd: 18 Hours of Fruita - Champion!!

Date: June 2, 2010 8:31:56 AM PDT
Subject: 18 Hours of Fruita - Champion!!

Hey all,
Just competed in my first solo race ever a few weeks back in the 18 Hrs. of Fruita. I have to let you know that I have never ridden my bike for 177 miles and almost 18,000 vert, all on singletrack!! Anyway I raced it on your fabulous Zaka and I won!! The Zaka may be the "Earth Guardian" but it was my guardian for the race, Thanks for making such a kick ass ride, makes me want to ride for very very long time!! thanks again, darin binion

The Gear Exchange
212 6th St.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Final Curtain for Captain Balljack!

We have ALL of the final batch of Captain Balljack framesets available direct on closeout. Right now you can get a frame, fork, and handlebar for $295.00. If you are interested email us at For more information click this link: CBJ.htm. Frames are dark blue with matte finish. Fork and handlbar are gloss black. All forks have canti bosses.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fwd: Soukri Fan

> I would love for you to post a pic of my new Sourki on your website.
> - Josh

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zobop Returns

Last month Joe and I brought a prototype full suspension frame back from Taiwan called Zobop. The new design shows great promise as an all around trail bike using a floating pivot design to resist pedal induced bobbing and be plush over rocks, bumps, and drops. Floating pivot bikes are gaining a lot of attention and popularity for riding on all types of trails.

Our friends at BTI joined me for a ride in Sedona recently and here is what they said:
Earlier this month we took a trip to Sedona's red rock country to pay a visit to Voodoo Cycles. We took the opportunity to test ride ah  prototype of the new Zobop, Voodoo's replacement for the venerable Canzo 26.

The Zobop is an all purpose XC trail bike with five and a half inches of travel. Aside from the terrific new lines, the most noticable feature of the Zobop is its new Floating Pivot Point suspension (FPP) designed by Joe Murray. Differentially pivoting links constantly adjust to pedaling forces, rider weight distribution and bump frequency. For a full suspension bike, the Zobop has very little sag, but offers tons of usable travel while remaining very active. The ride was plush, so plush in fact that we couldn't help checking the tire pressure every so often. This is a 2011 bike with an expected release of July/August 2010. Can't wait for this bike to hit production.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Zobop Ride Impression

I haven't ridden a 26" wheel bike on dirt in at least 8 years. I have now had two rides in Sedona on our new Zobop full suspension prototype and have been blown away. The new frame uses a floating pivot point linkage and Joe's legendary geometry to make one hell of a bike. It did take me a bit to get used to the smaller wheels and the 67 degree head angle (with the Talus set at 140mm) but once I got into the flow of the trail the bike was superb.

Riding in Sedona is such a challenge, it has tight windy singletrack with short steep climbs, 4 foot drops, slick rock, and lots of cactus to dodge. This floating pivot really makes this terrain manageable: stiff suspension on the climbs transmitting all your power, and soft supple active suspension for all the bumps, drops, and descents. I had no idea how well this could work!

So from my first impression you can say that I am stoked on our new frame. Joe has done a great job indeed. With just a few more tweaks we should have these available by mid-Summer this year along with the new Bokor 29"er, Nakisi, and Maji.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bondye Badness

Well.. after 4 hours of J.B. showing me how to build up a road bike its done, and sick. Weighed it and it came out to be just over 17.5 lbs. The new Ultegra grupo looked really nice with the Bondye frame. Rode it out lake Marry the next day on a 60miler and the geometry could not of felt better, everything was perfect! The Fi'Zi'k saddle was also amazing! So anyway here is a picture, and thanks again Benson for the help building it up....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breaking out the new Hotness

We are just back from the 2010 Taipei Bike Show where we unveiled our new FPP Full Suspension called Zobop: Secret Society. Joe Murray worked long and hard designing this frame to be our new flagship. My reaction of the first ride: bitchin! I went for a ride in Sedona with a couple pals from BTI the other day and we all agreed the bike climbs great and eats up the twisty singletrack like it knew the trail better than we did! I have only ridden 29'ers for the last 8 years so it was an adjustment for me to ride this 26"er with a much slacker head angle (67 degrees) than I have ever ridden. But after just a few minutes it felt totally normal. Descending and riding off drops and jumps became second nature. I have to say that 5.5" bikes seem like the best all around trail bike when they climb and handle this well!

Here is a pic of our first production sample. There are still a few tweaks to be made but we expect these to be available through our distributors by September this year. ~jb

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Racing Ralph

Update 4/5/2010: These tires stretched so much that the rear will no longer pass through the seatstay brace. Look for an update to Canzo 29 in 2011 to fix this! ~jb

Just mounted some Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.4" tires on my Canzo 29
and they fit! Though I'm sure the small rocks will get caught in
there at times. Good to know they will roll and we will put -more tire
clearance on the list of updates for the 2012 model! ~ jb

Update: The Ralph's stretched and would no longer roll past the seat stay bridge. This tire will not work on the back of a Canzo 29!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Balljack is back!

We are bringing the last 14 Captain Balljack framesets here to sell direct to you VooDoo fans! We will sell frame, fork, and handlebars for $295! Email us at for more info or to order.