Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well...the forest is closed and so are the trails. A fire broke out in the Schultz pass area burning over 11,000 acres of wilderness. To take precautions they have shut the forest down until July 21st. To avoid possibly getting a 2,000 dollar fine we decided to drive down to Sedona. Sedona doesn't have a fire but it sure is hot! After suffering a flat tire on the way down there we managed to still get in a good ride with some great shredding. You never get bored with the trails down there, its either slick rock, tacky goodness, or the little loose rocks that let you rip corners! The Sobo like allways handled everything like a champ. When your out of the saddle the stiffness just lets you charge climbs and when it comes to decending the carbon seat stays flex so it makes for a smoothe ride. Anyways the riding is great and am still stoked to be training for next season.

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