Sunday, September 11, 2005


Don't believe what John said about nothing interesting at Eurobike. I found alot of cool stuff. We are heading home, so give me a few days to get my shit together on a report. Here's one photo for now.



Friday, September 09, 2005

Lost In Europe

After Eurobike I wanted to go to Italy. So Garda seemed like a reasonable choice.

Riding in Garda, Italy was pretty cool. The Dolomites are EXTREMELY steep and rocky. The mountains were not to be under estimated, they are really fuggin big.

We grabbed the first campground we saw when coming into the town of Torbole at the north end of Lake Garda. Not really a mistake, but probably the busiest campground in all of Europe. Fine for people watching and we were right next to the bar.

There have been some World Cup DH events in Garda and the local shop Meki's has a wall of famous chuckleheads autographs on it. Lopes, HB, Gary Fisher and so on. There is a nice cafe and bar that is part of the shop. Of course you can get a good espresso which is standard in Italy there.

Going it self-serve, we grabbed some map and headed up the mountain. Climbing the steep rocky trail beat me down so we stayed on the road which was fine. Not much traffic and alot of other cyclists to ride with. After about two hours, steeper by the kilo and a half dozen sucker summits and some gravel road we reach the summit. The view over the lake was like from a jet plane. The panorama was entirely kick ass.

We had 4500 feet of climbing and two or so hours into it and more or less cashed, so we headed back down. At one point we got on the single track. Rock, solid rock, rock ledges and rock kitty heads, baby heads.... basically rock. All of the Dolomites are rock. Bitchen. John surprised me on his steep rocky decending cajones. He says it the scandium Aizan 29er. (plug) Watch out for sleepers on 29ers is all I can say.

We are over the crowded scene at Club Med Garda we headed south.... maybe to a detour to the San Pellegrino terme near Milano? (Juan lives on Pellegrino.)

Ciao fer now,


VooDude's in NC

Here we are in Ashville, NC...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mojito's in Ravensburg.

Another day in paradise? Met up with the boys at USE yesterday. They are coming out with a carbon wrapped suspension seat post and some kick ass new lights. They also have a left side front suspension that is super stiff and makes a normal looking bike look... bitchin' is the word I'd use.

We tried to see Jan Ullrich and Jens Voigt race yesterday but couldn't stay in Ravensburg long enough to see the start. Jet lag is rough when you're on your feet all day walking around!

Still nothing super duper cool that I have to have here yet, but tons of really cool people. Tonight is the big party here at the expo. I am sure there will be great stories tomorrow. Stay tuned....!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Day one in the books...

So far nothing too exciting at Eurobike. But the beer flows free and the women are beautiful which sort of makes up for the lack of A/C and the constant state of sweat my body is in. I have seen 3 out of 11 buildings and nothing all that amazing to report yet. Jan Ullrich will be around today sometime as will Jens Voigt. I'll try and get some autographs if I can remember what time to be there...

Looks like we might go to the Czech Republic next week to ride for a few days. We'll meet with some potential new distributors from there later today and see what's up.

Until tomorrow... -jb

Dambala = Victory!

Thanks Joe for a great bike another win on the 29er Dambala…

The Coach


Wasted on a jet.....

...flying over the Atlantic ocean to.... who cares. The point is - BYOB. You gotta bring your own booze on the plane. Jose and I bought a bottle of Tanqueray at the ol' Duty Free shop and we are drizzunk! This is by far the best way to fly for 8 hours. Why pay $5 for each drink when you can spend $20 on a bottle??? Just order lots of free Sprite and club soda while you can...