Friday, September 02, 2005

Day one in the books...

So far nothing too exciting at Eurobike. But the beer flows free and the women are beautiful which sort of makes up for the lack of A/C and the constant state of sweat my body is in. I have seen 3 out of 11 buildings and nothing all that amazing to report yet. Jan Ullrich will be around today sometime as will Jens Voigt. I'll try and get some autographs if I can remember what time to be there...

Looks like we might go to the Czech Republic next week to ride for a few days. We'll meet with some potential new distributors from there later today and see what's up.

Until tomorrow... -jb

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Donna Tocci said...

Sweating at Eurobike was fun, huh? Tip for next year - the mango/exotic fruit ice cream bars rock! They keep you cool, too. Well, if you have 10 of them.... :)
Safe travels.