Monday, July 26, 2010

Taylor House Century Ride

So this past Saturday i rode in the 10th annual Taylor House Century ride, doing the 90+ mile distance.. on my wonderful Bondye! All I have to say is wow! This ride was thrown off because of flooding in the traditional route of going through Wupatki national park. The fire left enough damage to cause a terrible flood, not only in peoples houses but in main roads. Therefore we were left with riding to Leupp, the views were still amazing! We started off with about 300 people and each climb was dividing the group more and more.. at about mile 35 we had ourselves the main peleton.. at this point they started attacking and i managed to stay at the front the entire time! We quickly filled our waters and before much of us were ready they were off. I sprinted to catch the group and slowly fadded with a lack of nutrition on my part. Overall i finished the entire ride in about 3hours and 58 minutes. I would say a success for bonking on mile 50! Hope everyone is riding and enjoying their summer days.

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