Monday, April 05, 2010

Zobop Ride Impression

I haven't ridden a 26" wheel bike on dirt in at least 8 years. I have now had two rides in Sedona on our new Zobop full suspension prototype and have been blown away. The new frame uses a floating pivot point linkage and Joe's legendary geometry to make one hell of a bike. It did take me a bit to get used to the smaller wheels and the 67 degree head angle (with the Talus set at 140mm) but once I got into the flow of the trail the bike was superb.

Riding in Sedona is such a challenge, it has tight windy singletrack with short steep climbs, 4 foot drops, slick rock, and lots of cactus to dodge. This floating pivot really makes this terrain manageable: stiff suspension on the climbs transmitting all your power, and soft supple active suspension for all the bumps, drops, and descents. I had no idea how well this could work!

So from my first impression you can say that I am stoked on our new frame. Joe has done a great job indeed. With just a few more tweaks we should have these available by mid-Summer this year along with the new Bokor 29"er, Nakisi, and Maji.

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