Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Breaking out the new Hotness

We are just back from the 2010 Taipei Bike Show where we unveiled our new FPP Full Suspension called Zobop: Secret Society. Joe Murray worked long and hard designing this frame to be our new flagship. My reaction of the first ride: bitchin! I went for a ride in Sedona with a couple pals from BTI the other day and we all agreed the bike climbs great and eats up the twisty singletrack like it knew the trail better than we did! I have only ridden 29'ers for the last 8 years so it was an adjustment for me to ride this 26"er with a much slacker head angle (67 degrees) than I have ever ridden. But after just a few minutes it felt totally normal. Descending and riding off drops and jumps became second nature. I have to say that 5.5" bikes seem like the best all around trail bike when they climb and handle this well!

Here is a pic of our first production sample. There are still a few tweaks to be made but we expect these to be available through our distributors by September this year. ~jb

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