Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Racing Ralph

Update 4/5/2010: These tires stretched so much that the rear will no longer pass through the seatstay brace. Look for an update to Canzo 29 in 2011 to fix this! ~jb

Just mounted some Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.4" tires on my Canzo 29
and they fit! Though I'm sure the small rocks will get caught in
there at times. Good to know they will roll and we will put -more tire
clearance on the list of updates for the 2012 model! ~ jb

Update: The Ralph's stretched and would no longer roll past the seat stay bridge. This tire will not work on the back of a Canzo 29!!

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Todd H. said...

Will the 2011 re-design include an XL Canzo with a ETT of closer to 25"? PLEEEAAAAASSSSSE..