Thursday, December 03, 2009

Soukri - Sacred Temple

Check out the new graphic style of our new 29'er due out Spring 2010. The name Soukri is a 'sacred temple' in the Voodoo religion. This frame should have no problems becoming the temple of your daily trail worship! We decided to route the cables under the top tube and improve the gusset under the down tube. And it will be made from Reynolds 631 tubing. Run it with either a 100mm or 120mm travel fork. Single or geared. Disc or linear pull "v-brake". Don't run it rigid unless you can find a fork that is at least 490mm long from axle to crown though!!

Hopefully we'll have more new stuff to show you early in the new year. Until then... ~jb

1 comment:

Rob Young said...

Looks good!

I thought this was going to use the same geo as the dambala... could you use the voodoo zombie fork with it?