Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Canzo 29ner

So this year for my Voodoo team bike I elected to
go a little different direction. I've already got my Ti 29 Zaka frame
from last year which is still my dedicated race bike, so I needed
something to expand my quiver. John Benson has been raving about his
Canzo 29 for the past year, so I figured I'd give it a try for this
year. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about a full
suspension 29, considering the size that I ride and the potential for
frame flex and pedal slop. I built the frame up with a XT groupo and
some sick new Shimano 29ner wheels, which are a must for anyone who
owns a 29ner. I tried two different forks a 100mm fox which the bike
was designed for and a 130mm Manitou. Once again I am amazed at Joe
Murray's ability to design a bike. It has been a few years since I
have ridden a full squish and I have to tell you that this bike is
like nothing I remember. The first couple of rides took place in the
red rock nar of Sedona, a proper proving ground. I had the 100mm fox
fork installed first. The bike handled like it was on rails. It sailed
through every loose turn without the slightest hesitation. The wheel
track was spot on and this was only in the first few minutes of the
ride. I began to notice that I was going faster through rocky sections
then I would normally, I would see the rocks, prepare for the bike to
bounce around and then re accelerate out of the rock garden, uh wait,
there is no bike bouncing around and I felt like I was getting shot
out of a cannon rather then leaving an otherwise speed sucking rock
section. Ok, so the bike flows like water on the DH and rocks but how
is it on the technical up hill? Once again i amazed at the design work
here, the rear shock and suspension work perfectly to provide you with
what you need when you need it. Getting the traction for the steep ups
was no problem weather you were in the saddle or over the front of the
bars. The bike was effortless on the big pick ups and rock moves, but
still had positive enough steering that you didn't feel like you were
playing ping pong with your handlebars while you were climbing. The
adjustability of the Rock Shox monarch eliminates any pedal bob
issues, making it feel in a sense like a virtual hardtail. I mounted
the Manitou 130 minute just in time for some of the Fagstaff trails to
open up. The adjustment in steering to the new fork was minimal, the
bike was able to climb some of the most technical trails in flagstaff
like a goat. Now keep in mind this bike already railed on the DH with
a 100mm fork, it was like a beast was unleashed with the 130mm
Manitou, a few that have ridden with me have been jealous. Bottom line
this bike lays to rest any notions that a full suspension 29 is
lacking stiffness, stability and ride quality up or down. This is one
of the most enjoyable bikes I have ever ridden.

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mattybfat said...

I'm 5'11" with 32" inseam and ride a SS 19" frame with a ETT of 24.1" and SO of 30" which canzo 29er frame size should I go with 18" or 20" thank you..Matt