Thursday, October 06, 2005

Surviving Vegas

The Vegas fog is lifing and Joe and I are enjoying some peace and quiet now that Eurobike and Interbike are behind us. I am backed up answering email from our website so be patient, I'll get to it.

29"er fans, check out this website: There is a pic of our Dambala one speed and a you can see the Aizan behind it. By the way, Aizan will be in stock at our distributor soon so keep on the lookout. - John


George said...

Thanks a lot guys for letting us leech of your booth for most of Interbike. Had a good time at the bowling party watch the random meyhem.

I really wish one of our CycleMasters crew could have pulled it off and won the frame at the poker table.

The jereys were a sweet topping to a blurry weekend.

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Echo said...

Interbike was awesome this year! Women's Cycling Magazine just launched WCM-TV the first edition covers this years Interbike convention in Las Vegas!

Check out interviews from Cannondale, Castelli, and much more!

Also visit the Women's Cycling Magazine website for the original post:

Check it out on YOUTUBE and pass it on to all your cycling family and friends!

Thank you,

~ Echo Roberson
co/founder and Art Director