Thursday, August 25, 2005

And they are off...

We are blowing out of Flagstaff for awhile to check out some good boys and girls in North Carolina and then on to Germany for Eurobike - the european version of Interbike, but cooler because it is in Europe. Hopefully this year will prove as fun as the last. Last year: I met Jan Ullrich, Paola Pezzo, and Hans Rey; danced and drank myself silly to a bad ass euro-cover band that played everything from 'Rock around the clock' to Evanesence tunes including a rendition of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' that played out like 'Phantom of the Opera' on stage. Evil Kim and I were laughing histerically the whole time!

So here I sit with my Tall-boy Tecate in a hotel in Phoenix. Hoping I remembered everything. Can't wait until that wake up call at 3:30 am... - jb

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